Agility® PIM puts your most valuable product data at the stable core of a go-anywhere commerce strategy

When it’s crucial that your customers are viewing your most up-to-date product ranges, with all of the accurate information, and current pricing details, whether in print or digital format – we can help. We can ensure that your information is centrally managed, so that you easily and quickly, have all of the data required, to market and sell your products, through one or more distribution channels, straight to hand. A central set of product data can be used to feed consistent, accurate and up-to-date information, to multiple output media such as websites, printed catalogues, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds to trading partners. If you need to support different pricing structures to different mediums, multiple geographic locations, multi-lingual data, or just the maintenance and modification of product information from one centralised place, then look no further than fyooz.


Partnering with leaders in product management for commerce


We’ve identified the best of the best, to inspire us and to work alongside us, in delivering our Product Information Management (PIM) service. We’re also certified partners of Agility Multichannel, the leaders in Managing Product Information for Agile Commerce. What is Agility? It’s the award-winning Product Information Management (PIM) and multichannel marketing solution that gives retailers, distributors and manufacturers the most advanced tools available for gathering and enriching flawlessly consistent product information and branded messages, and delivering them to all channels, in multiple languages, in perfect synchronization. With a track-record that’s a decade long, and counting, Agility has been proven to dramatically reduce time to market, and increase productivity. Agility is competitive edge! Its readiness to respond instantly to unpredictable market shifts – maximizes margins and sales. Agility is in daily use by thousands of end-users in over 60 countries across the globe. It can be easily configured and integrated by you, or by our experienced team. Agility is the ability to deploy and achieve ROI, fast.



When you choose fyooz and Agility for your product information management, you can be confident that we will support you every step of the way. Your journey begins with our experienced implementation team who will review your requirements and your existing systems to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and environment. This knowledge enables us to scope out a strategy and to begin development of your unique system. Once built, we then move into a test environment and undertake any training you may require. Once you’re happy with the product information management (PIM) system, it is then deployed, safe in the knowledge that the fyooz team are there to support you further, should you require it.



Our Product Information Management (PIM) solution is designed to grow and evolve with you. So when you’re ready to take the next step, there’s no need to change systems to evolve. You can synchronise your product information across a variety of systems – from financial systems, web systems, ERPs and beyond – to eliminate the need for redundant entry and editing of product information, to remove the potential for errors, and to save time spent on unnecessary admin. We use a variety of APIs and import and export components to ensure that your systems communicate with each other, either when a change is made in real-time or at a time scheduled by you. Our Product Information Management (PIM) system is based upon standard tools from companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, so sharing data will always be the strongest link in your system evolution.



When your buyers are shopping across multiple channels, it’s imperative that your information and branding is consistent, wherever they look. Add in additional complexities of working across multiple regions, languages and pricing structures for different customers, and then the risk of communicating the wrong information goes through the roof. With Product Information Management (PIM) you can be certain that your products and pricing are accurate wherever they appear – without the need to administrate and check across every channel. With a single database for all channels – whether website, email, mobile, catalogue production, tablets, social media and direct mail – you can automate the population of product information and pricing in one easy swoop. With more and more customers shopping online, we’ve also got your SEO in mind. Our Product Information Management (PIM) system allows you to create categories based upon the unique ways that people choose to look for your products, allowing you to set up multiple varieties of categories, to meet a wide range of market requirements. Granular product specifications break down your product data to its molecular components, to help generate the highest-ranking organic results. And when you’re ready to work with other commercial sites, such as Amazon, your data is already set-up for structured delivery so that you can seamlessly tailor exports to these channels.



To get the most out of your Product Information Management (PIM) system we work with you at every stage to ensure that it meets your initial objectives, so that once implemented, you understand it, and can use it to the best of its ability. Our experienced Product Information Management (PIM) team are on hand for all of your questions, whether you require in-house training, phone-support or online assistance.



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